Past Projects

Airswimming by Charlotte Jones
German premiere in a translation by Cindy-Jane Armbruster and Eva Mann

Luftschwimmen Flyer

Mountain climbing in Victorian petticoats:
In 1871 Meta Brevoort and Lucy Walker are ambitiously making their way to the top. Because among Alpine pioneers, men and women alike, the "Horu" (Matterhorn) is considered the most desirable trophy. Which of the two ladies will be The First?

(This event is in German and Swiss German.)

Berg-Besteigerinnen in Binn

By Heinrich von Kleist.
English translation: Joel Agee.

Boy meets girl. Girl eats boy. A goth and gory myth of gender war, culture clash and lethal love.

Penthesilea Flyer

When Nietzsche meets Lou Salomé, he feels he has found 'a voice, for which I have waited and waited since childhood'. One year later, he has retreated to a remote mountain village, madly scribbling Thus Spake Zarathustra. And advising men to take a whip, when they go to women. Working exclusively from original texts, Playades Theatre Company explores what happened in that seminal year of 1882: philosophy versus reality, society versus individual fulfillment, man versus woman - and the hunger for life and knowledge that surmounts all contradictions.

Flyer The Most Dangerous Toy

The divorced, beheaded, dead, surviving wives invite you to a backstage tour through what really happened with hot & heavy Harry.

Blue Beard Babes Flyer